This is a photo of Denman College in Marcham, Oxfordshire

Denman Break - May 2018

Come to Denman for a Federation visit and enjoy a course of your choice.
The coach will take us to Denman and return
(you may travel by your own transport if you wish)

Wednesday 2 May – Friday 4 May 2018
Cost:  £280 - £370 according to course

Deposit of £50 to be paid with application (non refundable)
Final balance to be paid by February 28 2018


Singing: ABBA (£320)  Tutor - Jo Sercombe
Thai Cookery (£370)  Tutor - Peter Lien
Goldwork Embroidery for Beginners (£320)  Tutor - Hazel Everett
History & Heritage:  Oxford College Gardens  (£360)  Tutor - Anna Steven
Willow Garden Structures (£310) Tutor - Norah Kennedy
Tai Chi: Ageing Gracefully (£280) Tutor - Jason Boden
History & Heritage: Art on London Streets:
An Armchair Journey £310)  Tutor - Peter Lawrence

Click here to download a copy of the application form


Saving Denman Appeal

Update from the
Saving Denman Appeal Steering Committee

With just over 7 months to go it seems a good time to let you all know how the Appeal is going and what we hope to achieve in the next 7 months. At the end of July the fund had reached £407,790.52.

While we hoped it would be more (we were hoping to achieve £500,000 by the end of March) we have to say “Thank You” to the many members who have worked hard to raise funds. Many WIs have taken our original request for £10 per member over 2 years and have achieved this. Some Federations too have achieved this and it has nothing to do with size or location! Guernsey expect to achieve their target and Oxfordshire have raised £16,000 by giving every WI £5 to grow for the Appeal. Other Federations have had a grand event especially for the Appeal. Some individuals have done amazing things –Roz Cooper of Hampshire cycled from Portsmouth to Denman and raised over £4000! We can’t mention everyone who has done so much to help but any effort however small or large is truly appreciated. Denman is the “jewel in the crown” of the WI and we need to make it financially secure. The Denman staff are working hard to keep the college full and making an operating profit and we members need to support them.

So what do we hope for in the next seven months? Firstly that every WI will send us their September raffle money - last year this added about £40,000 to our total. If you don’t normally have a raffle could you have a special one? Secondly you could buy from our range of cards. Every card sold at £2 raises £1.60 for the Appeal. Federations can buy the cards for £1 and sell them for £2. It is suggested that the £1 profit either all be sent to the Appeal or split between the Federation and the Appeal. See September’s WI Life for both of these. We also put a tried and tested tip in WI Life every issue to help you raise money and many of you have said how successful they have been.

We know that a lot more money will come in in the last months as WIs and federations meet their targets and send in their money. So please help in this last push – the Appeal will close on March 31st 2018. Good luck and a big THANK YOU!

The Saving Denman Appeal Steering Committee

Denman - August 2017
Additional bursaries announced
for the 2017/18 programme year

NFWI have just announced additional Denman bursaries which are available for the 2017/18 programme year.  These bursaries are all for first time attendees at Denman.

The bursaries are to be used on open residential courses taking place before 30 September 2018.  This information will be included in the Denman brochure which will be distributed at the beginning of October and will also be added to the Denman website.

The closing date for applications for these bursaries is Friday 24 November 2017.  

Bursary applications should be sent to Karen Hodge at Denman, Marcham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX13 6NW or emailed to

Click here for more details.

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Denman on Tour
Denman Courses in New Locations !

On these escorted courses, you will be toured around Holland and France, exploring floral extravaganzas, powerful battlefields and unique textile shows. These courses are being run in collaboration with ECT Travel and Anglia Tours.  Click here for a copy of the brochure.

Saving Denman - Denman Raffle

Please support our College
We would like to ask each W.I. to again hold a Raffle
in September to support Denman

Click here for more details


Saving Denman - Scarf Collection

We will be having a stall at the SCM in Torquay, and are asking members to donate any laundered scarves that are no longer required. These will be sold to raise funds for the Saving Denman Appeal.  

You can either take them to a WI event you are attending and ask the organiser to bring to The Firs, or you can deliver/post them to The Firs, or give them to your local WI Adviser.

Rita Nebbett  - Denman Ambassador


Denman Break - September 2017


Bursaries for Denman 2017/18


A number of bursaries are available for the 2017/18 programme year.  The Denman Committee thanks the donors of bursaries listed below for their support in this year's programme.

Click the following links if you would like to download a copy of this information
Word format
PDF format


Many Federations and WIs give one or more Denman Bursaries, usually allocated following a ballot.  Contact your local Federation or WI for details.


One of the following bursaries may be related to your Federation.  Please contact your Federation Office as soon as possible for details and method of application.  


Essex Federation – Dorothy Riding Generously given by a late member to mark her long-standing involvement with the WI movement and Denman.  A bursary for half the course fee is available for a member of Essex Federation this year.

Northumberland Federation – Ella Pattinson Set up in memory of Ella Pattinson is available for a WI member from Northumberland to cover a two night course plus a contribution towards travel costs.

North Yorkshire East and North Yorkshire West Federations – Mary Longworth Two bursaries for £150 each are available, one for a member of North Yorkshire West and one for a member of North Yorkshire East Federations.

Oxfordshire Federation – Nancy Stancliffe Set up in memory of Nancy Stancliffe by her family to alternate between Berkshire and Oxfordshire federations of which Nancy was a member. A bursary for a two night course is available to a memberof Oxfordshire Federation this year.

Warwickshire FederationBrenda Greenley A bursary for £200 is available for one member of each of the following WI’s; Kenilworth, Priors Marston and Stoneleigh towards a residential course.

Wiltshire Federation – Amesbury Afternoon: A bursary for £100 is available for a first-time attendee, who comes from a WI situated in Bourne Valley, Woodford Valley or Salisbury Plain areas.  If not taken up by a member from the designated area, the bursary will be offered to any member from Wiltshire Federation.

Country Markets – Claire Balmer Bursary - Two bursaries for a two night residential course are available.


Denman bursaries are supported by donations including donations given by or in memory of Vera Cox, Dr Ernest Walker, Jessie Burns, Joan Yeo, Claire Emery, Kathleen Mary Hughes and Olive Kenyon.

Denman First-Timer bursaries – Six bursaries for £300 each are available for a WI member attending a residential course for the first time.

Denman Carer bursaries  - Four bursaries for £600 each for a two night residential course plus care costs and travel are available for any WI member who is a full time carer.

Denman ‘Spring Fling’ bursaries – Eight bursaries for £300 each are available for any WI member for a residential course taking place in February, March or April 2018.


Freda Barnicoat Kindly donated by John Barnicoat in memory of his wife. Fourteen course bursaries for £300 each are available for first time attendees on a residential course.

Lois Parker Kindly donated by the late Lois Parker of Dorset Federation. Six course bursaries for £300 and one bursary for £200 are available for a WI member attending a residential course for the first time.

Gwen Garner Kindly donated by Lesley Garner in memory of her late mother Gwen Garner. Four bursaries for £300 and one bursary for £200 are available for a WI member attending a residential art or craft course.  

Netherhall Kindly donated by an avid Denman supporter.

  • Two course bursaries for £300 are available for a WI member attending a residential course for the first time.                                              
  • Two course bursaries for £300 are available for any WI member attending a residential course.

TRAVEL BURSARIES The following bursaries are availablefor WI members attending a residential course and living a minimum of 100 miles from Denman:

Freda Barnicoat travel bursary: Three bursaries for £100 each.

Audrey Postlethwaite travel bursary: Six bursaries for £50 and one bursary for £60.

Chipperfield Evening travel bursary: One travel bursary for £55.


To apply for any of the Denman bursaries detailed above, please send a short letter in support of your application to: Karen Hodge, Denman, Marcham, OXON  OX13 6NW or by email:

In your letter or email please give the following details:

*           Your full name, contact details, WI and Federation

*           The name of the bursary you would like to apply for

*           How you would benefit from attending the course

*           Whether you have received a bursary from Denman in the past

*           The number and title of the course you would like to attend if your application for a bursary is successful plus a second and third choice.

*           Any accommodation or dietary needs, should your application be successful

The closing date for applications is Friday 14 July 2017. Successful applicants will be contacted in writing by Friday 28 July 2017. Regrettably it will not be possible to notify unsuccessful applicants.


  • All bursaries awarded must be used on residential courses taking place before the end of September 2018
  • For WI individual members only
  • Only one bursary may be applied for per individual
  • A bursary cannot be awarded to anyone who has been awarded a Denman bursary in the past three years
  • Denman Bursaries are open to WI members only, for residential open courses and cannot be applied to a course arranged via a federation or a small group booking
  • Denman Bursaries cannot be applied to courses already booked with the exception of travel bursaries

* Travel bursaries to be paid after the course attendance upon receipt of a receipt in the case of travel by public transport and in the case of transport by car then the mileage rate paid would be standard NFWI rate currently 40p per mile.

# Carer costs will be paid after the course attendance upon a receipt or invoice.