Welcome to the ACWW Committee 2016

Sam Hall            - Chair

Sue Watkins      - Secretary

Jackie Flint

Ann Rimmer

Liz Neale

Carole James

ACWW Update December 2017

As we approach the end of 2017 it's a good time to celebrate what a great year we've had.  We have had the most people attend our November Supporters Days.  Hazel Armstrong gave a presentation at Derby and Glossop on several projects.

Debbie Reardon is the Friendship Link Co-ordinator and will help to put individuals or WI's in touch with same across the world. I have scanned and attached the application form if you are interested.
Click here for Friendship Links information letter. 
Click here for Friendship Links Application Form

We fed back on the ACWW European Conference held in Romania.  Sue told us how WI's had established a link with women in Romania after Ceausescu. After the meeting we discovered that a lady present at Glossop had been part of that group. If anyone knows who she is please let us know. Chrissie Bedwin visited the Domestic Violence Refuge in Sibiu that Derby supported.  They continue to grow and support women and children. Liz Christian gave a personal perspective on Transylvania and Sam covered the business of the conference.

After completing our sponsorship to Kituntu, Uganda Water for Life project to provide clean water to 834 people, we signed up to sponsor "Cows for Dalit Widows".  Derbyshire WI's have been so generous raising funds via tea parties, sales etc. We are well on the way to meeting our commitment.

At the Spring Council meeting WI's donated £5k Pennies for Friendship. We had a very successful meeting in April with an excellent presentation about polio vaccinations in India.                                  

15 WI's have invited me to speak this year and bookings are coming in for next year

The ACWW committee thank you so much for all the support you give us throughout the year and wish you "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

Dates for next year: Pennies for Friendship @ Spring Council meeting Mar 6th
Midlands Supporters Day (Derby) April 16th
Walk the World April 29th
"Hold a Tea Party" Oct 15th
Midlands Supporters Day (Derby) Nov 26th (Glossop) TBC

BOLSOVER WI has  this article in the ACWW magazine 'Countrywoman' - well done. Maggie Smith and friends have raised over £600 so far for DFWI projects for ACWW by making items for sale around the theme of cows!

ACWW Christmas Market - Monday 20 November 2017

ACWW - ASSOCIATED COUNTRY WOMEN OF THE WORLD: Today eight Baslow WI members enjoyed their day at Derbyshire House for the ACWW Christmas Market. Inspirational speakers told us about the international projects they had been involved with and shared fundraising ideas. The ACWW Team at DFWI welcomed us and provided us with great hospitality including a lovely light and warming lunch. Thanks - may we come again?


WI members from all over Derbyshire enjoyed a wonderful day at DFWI HQ yesterday. In the morning we learnt about various projects, these included goat, pig, water and vegetable garden projects. Lunch consisted of tasty thick soup and delicious fresh fruit and we had time to chat and of course shop! Our afternoon speaker was Gregory Mastalick who told us all about eradicating polio. Sam our ACWW rep will be reporting fully in the near future.Thanks to Sam and the DFWI ACWW Team for their hard work making this day so informative, inspiring and successful.

ACWW Update - August 2017

Dear All
I hope you have all enjoyed the summer.  Some of you have been really busy fundraising helping us towards  our commitment to providing cows for Dalit widows.  We have received some fantastic cheques over the past few months.
Kath Shelton of Old Brampton and District decorated milk bottles and used them to raise funds at a WI lunch.  Perhaps this is an idea  you could add to the list I sent out earlier in the year. I have photo if you would like one but don't want to overload attachments this time
Maggie Smith of Bolsover set herself the target of funding 1 cow by selling cow themed craft items, to date she's raised enough for 2! She will be brining items for sale to Glossop. Her work inspired a member of Bolsover's poetry group and I attach a copy of the poem.
September is the time we invite you to come along to our Midlands Supporters Day.  This year there will be a day in Derby on Monday 20th Nov AND an afternoon in Glossop on Tuesday 28th Nov for those in the North.  We hope this will give more of you the chance to come and find out what happened at the European Conference.  Hazel Armstrong will be speaking on more projects she has visited, hopefully including Derbyshire's.   See attached application.  Look out for guidance to" Santa's Sock"s with your tickets
Best wishes to all
Sam Hall

ACWW Update - April 2017

On a bright spring day, over 60 members joined us for our  Midlands Supporters Day.  During the morning we heard from surrounding Federations and several WI's on their activities during the past few months. Sue Watkins passed on greetings from Ann Marit Hovstad, Chair of the Projects Committee and  Afrodita from Romania
After the fundraising ideas I sent out last year Stapenhill had asked members to count all sources of water:- taps, toilets, sinks etc and donate a small amount for each.  They raised over £50!
Greg McScarlick talked to us about immunising children against polio in India.  So simple, so effective.  Last year there were just 37 cases of polio in the world. Eradication is so close.
April is Walk the World month (29th) We have been asked for a sponsorship form so I have attached a copy. Remember it's not about how far, if you walk on the 29th you will connect with women all over the world.  Just enjoy your walk and raise funds for ACWW.  If you send your cheques to Derbyshire House, made out to ACWW Derbyshire and marked WtW on the back, we can submit 1 large cheque to ACWW cutting down on their banking charges. Don't forget to send me photos.


ACWW at the Annual Council Meeting 4 March 2017

ACWW – Pennies for Friendship

A quick  reminder for those collecting Pennies for Friendship throughout the year.  February is your last chance to collect at your WI before handing it in at the Spring Council Meeting.  
Please make your cheque payable to ACWW (PfF). Envelopes will not be sent out through Link so please use any spare envelope but remember to write the name of your Institute and the value of the cheque on the outside. We can then announce the total in the afternoon.
New labels to update collection tins can be downloaded here
Derbyshire WI's raised £5365.73 in 2016.  Let's see what we can do in 2017.
Remember if you want to know more about Pennies for Friendship and the work of ACWW you can always invite me to give a talk.
Sam Hall


HAPPY NEW YEAR - ACWW update January 2017

We start 2017 with some great news.  Following the November Midlands Supporters Day we fulfilled our commitment to sponsor the project in Kituntu.  834 villagers now have access to clean water.  

Never letting the grass grow, we have signed up for 2017's project.  The aim is to provide 15 very poor Dalit widows with a milk cow. As the cows breed, further female calves will be passed to another widow.  They will be able to sell milk and cow dung.  

It is expected that the beneficiaries, who presently have to rely on daily agricultural labour for employment, will have a more sustainable income as a result of this project allowing them to send their children to school and meet their family members’ other needs. They will become self-reliant and lead a more dignified life than before.

Pennies for Friendship.

Don't forget to bring your Pennies for Friendship to the Spring Council. You will need your own envelope as we will not be sending them out in Link.  I am glad to say using your own envelopes didn't have a negative impact on the funds raised. You donated a fantastic £5635.73. Remember to write your Institutes name and the value of the cheque on the outside.  Cheques are made payable to "ACWW Pennies for Friendship

ACWW  is kept alive by the Pennies for Friendship fund. Without continued support from all members, ACWW will not be able to sustain the critical work it does worldwide..

These ideas are quick and easy ways to raise money for Pennies for Friendship;

Count the number of sinks and toilets at home - much of the world has no clean, safe water! For each, donate 25 pence

Measure your height. Many children in the developing world suffer from malnutrition and stunted growth. For each each centimeter, give 5p/10p inch

Count the plug sockets in your house. Technology is a huge luxury that makes our lives easier every day. For each socket, give 5 pence

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Millions of children around the world have no choice but to go barefoot. For each pair, give 20p/50 p

Fine yourself 50 pence each time your mobile phone or watch alarm goes off in

a meeting or other social gathering!

To celebrate your birthday, lay down sticky tape on the kitchen table - with 1 metre (3.3 feet) for each decade. Get your friends and family to stick coins along the lengths of tape


ACWW Report 2015-16

We held 2 well attended Midlands Supporters Days in Nov 2015 and March 2016. Money raised at these events has helped Derbyshire towards fulfilling its pledge of £5317. We hope the events planned in Glossop on Oct 17 and Nov 21 will see the total reached.

To date the villagers of Kituntu have built 2 of 3 wells, benefiting 834 people with clean water.

22 Derbyshire members attended the Triennial Conference at the University of Warwick, Coventry.

Sam has given 10 talks at WI's on the work of ACWW. Further talks are planned for 2017.

Members continue to collect stamps, jewellery and coins to raise funds. Over £5k was raised by Pennies for Friendship by Derbyshire WI's.

ACWW at the Autumn Council Meeting  October 2016

ACWW was well represented at the meeting with Sam Hall - Chair giving an update on the Triennial Conference earlier this year and announcing that Derbyshire Federation had already almost reached the target of over £5,000for the current water project bringing. There was also an information stand manned by a member of the ACWW team.

ACWW Triennial Conference August 2016

DFWI ACWW mmebers

DFWI representatives at the Triennial Conference in August 2016

Visitors from New South Wales

At the Bakewell Show on Thursday 4th August 2016, two ACWW representatives from New south Wales visiting for the Triennial Conference later this month, joined DFWI members for the afternoon.

Left to right: Janice McTacckett from Toukley, Sam Hall our very own ACWW representative and Linda Roberts from Terriyan Evening Group

ACWW Update – May 2016

Through ACWW, Derbyshire’s WI’s have supported a number of projects, which make a dramatic change to the lives of women and their families.  The funds go straight to the project and not through any government bodies.   Projects are monitored against their aims to ensure best use of funds. All include an educational element -  Literacy, Health & Hygiene, Money Management

DFWI completed projects for 2015

Women of Tumaini with ACWW Rep

Tumaini – Tanzania - £2806.00

Mushroom Cultivation

Money raised to provide compost and mushroom ‘seeds’ so that the women of the village could improve the diet of their families – mushrooms are a good source of vitamins and protein.  The women sell fresh and dried mushrooms to local restaurants and hotels. The money also covered training in mushroom growing and basic business skills


Shallow well at Kituntu

Kituntu - Uganda -   £5317

Managed Water for Life

Two shallow wells have been constructed in Kituntu village, benefiting 834 people with safe water. Previously the villagers had to collect water from ponds which were not clean. The women and children of the village are benefiting the most as it was their job to collect water. It is expected that the health of the villagers will improve as a result of this project.  The project includes Hygiene Education


New Holding Tank at Kikajjo

Kikajjo –Uganda - £1645

Managed Water for Life

Phase 2 of a project which enabled water to be pumped into the village and increase the size of the holding tank.

Women and girls no longer need to walk miles to collect water from the safe water well.

DFWI project 2016

Kituntu - Uganda

Managed Water for Life

The current project is another clean water one in Kituntu


Women Walk the World at Carsington Water for ACWW

We raised over £70 at Carsington Water when we were joined by members from Barlow, Belper, Breadsall, Chaddesden, Cromford, Risley Hulland & District, Old Brampton & West Hallam  .  I know many of you held your own Walks and I look forward to giving you that total in the near future.

The day was sunny if a tad cool.  Members set off on walks of varying distances.

Derbyshire WI's adopted ACWW Project (no.0885)

Hope of Love Quilt, see below, was created and made by Sue Watkins

Sue says:
"If you had told me I would be asked to design and stitch the only entry from England for an International exhibition in Malaysia, I would have laughed with surprise! But, I was asked just that last year. The quilt is now in Malaysia and the exhibition will be staged in June 2013. I hope you think I have adequately shown some of our English culture and history! "

Read more about the quilt here

Derbyshire WI's ACWW Project 858 :    cost £4224

Safe Drinking Water in 12 Villages through bore wells in the drought affected villages of the KhammamDistrict of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Why?  The most drought hit areas where people really suffered for want of drinking water were selected. Safe and clean water would protect those people from water borne diseases like diahorea, malaria and typhoid.

Result :  The bore wells have solved the drinking water problem. They have brought unity and "helping nature" among all the people of different castes, religions and creeds.  Usually women of different castes come together to draw water at the hand pumps and it gives them a chance to exchange their ideas and be united.

All the hand pumps are being used by the people and they are happy that they have drinking water at their reach.In the surrounding areas there are no drinking water facilities due to severe drought. Now the beneficiaries are very happy and they are very grateful to you as they have clean drinking water.

Romania: Knitting to Secure Women and Children, Victims of Domestic Violence - Cost: £4,156

The aim is to support the activities of the shelter for abused women and their children in Sibiu,central Romania. The beneficiaries (the mothers and their children in the shelter, and others who seek help there from time to time) will be taught by volunteers how to knit and how to make soft toys (bears). 
[March 2012]