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Link Together: How you can take part in the NFWI’s campaign to alleviate loneliness

Our new campaign seeks to inspire WI members to take action on loneliness and share innovative ways of engaging with others who may be lonely.

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The NFWI will be taking part in Show the Love again for 2018! A community pack with exciting ways you can take part and new craft and baking templates will be ready around November.

To see the highlights video and more pictures from 2017, see our website:…/current-campaigns…/Climate-Change

Please send any requests for receiving the community pack when it’s ready to, and please specify whether you want it via post or email.


Known as ACWW or referred to as Pennies for Friendship

ACWW has its own website at

Derbyshire WI's current adopted ACWW Project (no.0885)

Hope of Love Quilt, see below, was created and made by Sue Watkins

Sue says:
"If you had told me I would be asked to design and stitch the only entry from England for an International exhibition in Malaysia, I would have laughed with surprise! But, I was asked just that last year. The quilt is now in Malaysia and the exhibition will be staged in June 2013. I hope you think I have adequately shown some of our English culture and history! "

Read more about the quilt here

Romania: Knitting to Secure Women and Children, Victims of Domestic Violence - Cost: £4,156

The aim is to support the activities of the shelter for abused women and their children in Sibiu,central Romania. The beneficiaries (the mothers and their children in the shelter, and others who seek help there from time to time) will be taught by volunteers how to knit and how to make soft toys (bears). 
[March 2012]

Derbyshire WI's ACWW Project 858 :    cost £4224

Safe Drinking Water in 12 Villages through bore wells in the drought affected villages of the KhammamDistrict of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Why?  The most drought hit areas where people really suffered for want of drinking water were selected. Safe and clean water would protect those people from water borne diseases like diahorea, malaria and typhoid.

Result :  The bore wells have solved the drinking water problem. They have brought unity and "helping nature" among all the people of different castes, religions and creeds.  Usually women of different castes come together to draw water at the hand pumps and it gives them a chance to exchange their ideas and be united.

All the hand pumps are being used by the people and they are happy that they have drinking water at their reach.In the surrounding areas there are no drinking water facilities due to severe drought. Now the beneficiaries are very happy and they are very grateful to you as they have clean drinking water.

Ladies by the well

"In the name of the beneficiaries thank you and all the benefactors for your financial assistance to provide drinking water to the drought affected villages of Khammam district."

Sister Daisy Athickal, Chief Co-ordinator


How are you doing? Let us know!

DoveridgeEco Team is into its second year and the chairmanship has been handed from Sue Watkins to Marian Burton. So far, the team have drastically reduced their own rubbish that goes to landfill, while making improved compost and recycling many items. Team member Jean Hayward said"It's just amazing how much we can learn from each other!"

The team has hosted a very successful Composting Day, involving many different members of the community and has also been in contact with the Primary School Eco Team. Members usually meet at each others homes to discuss progress and a variety of topics over a fairtrade cup of tea and homemade cake (no wrappers, just egg shells to compost!)

They visited a local farm produce shop and have other visits planned. Sue Watkins reports: "We have discussed insulation,secondary glazing, how to save water and use what we do need more efficiently. My own target of changing to energy saving light bulbs is near completion and I know that because of our meetings one local business has chosen more energy efficient cars than before: we are making a difference!  We learn so much each time we meet - it's the detail that helps us make a difference. And of course, we have such fun and plenty of laughter."


If there is a Sustainable Community near you do go and join it.  Together we can make more of a difference!