Forms. Enclosures & Downloads

Forms, Enclosures and Downloads

Welcome to Berkshire Federation's Forms, Enclosures and Download page.

This page is intended to help WI Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and members, to access the forms issued by Berkshire Federation, WI House, Mortimer, Berkshire.

Members of other federations should contact their own federation office as forms may well be different.

Forms, Enclosures & Download list

Please click on the form title you require and you will be taken via a link to that form, ready for printing.

Form TitleDate  
Application form for BFWI eventsApril 2017
Knitting for the Royal Berkshire HospitalMay 2017
Reminders for Treasurers 2017January 2017
Report on SpeakersJuly 2017
Stella Austin 2017September 2017
Membership subscriptions renewal 2018November 2017
New WI Members January to March 2018November 2017
New WI Members April to June 2018November 2017
New WI Members July to September 2018November 2017
New WI Member October to December 2018November 2017
Late Membership subscription renewals 2018November 2017
Observer ticket application NFWI AM 2018November 2017