Lady Denman continued as Chairman; Miss Grace Hadow was vice Chairman with Mrs Helena Auerbach as Treasurer.

The Guild of Learners of Handicrafts was formed. (see also Craft in the WI)

A grant of £10,000 was made by the Government to the NFWI and the offer of decreasing grants until the organisation was self sufficient.

The AGM passed a resolution urging the Government to pass the Bastardy Bill without delay. It also urged WI members to stand for Parish and District councils and for the committees dealing with health and housing.


2,237 WIs

Mrs Margaret Winteringham, WI member and Honorary Secretary to Lindsey (Lincolnshire) Federation, was elected as Member of Parliament for Louth. She was the first English born female MP and only the second woman to be elected to Parliament. See also the PDF file The WI and the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Maragret Winteringham MP in 1930 
Margaret Winteringham MP


A resolution was passed at the AGM urging more public health education to prevent venereal disease.


The formation of the Welsh Counties Conference. The first WI choral competition for WI choirs was held in East Sussex.


Jerusalem was first sung at the AGM, starting a tradition that continues to this day.

Queen's Hall AGM 1923
AGM in The Queen's Hall

3,223 WIs


NFWI exec in 1925
Lady Denman chairing a meeting of the National Executive Committee, attended by representatives of various government departments.


26 Eccleston Street     

The NFWI received the final installment of the Government grant and NFWI Headquarters opened at 39 Eccleston Street, Victoria.


Shakespeare's, Taming of the Shrew in 1928
One entry – The Taming of the Shrew

The first National Drama Festival - five plays were produced at the Scala Theatre in London.

4,244 WIs


Inez Jenkins (nee Ferguson) resigned as General Secretary. Frances Farrer (subsequently Dame Frances Farrer) appointed in her place.

The WIs Inez Jenkins in 1930  Dame Frances Farrer
Inez Jenkins    Frances Farrer,
The Guild of Learners