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Welcome to the Huntingdon and Peterborough Federation

130 2014 H&P Fed Chairman

You will always be welcome at one of the 53 WIs in the Huntingdon & Peterborough Federation which can be found in rural villages; the market towns of Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Ramsey and in urban areas of Peterborough.

WIs have at least 11 monthly meetings a year, which can give you the chance to meet like minded women, and hear interesting speakers on a variety of subjects.

There is also often the chance to join outings to local places of interest. Many WIs have groups that meet regularly for activities such as drama, crafts and walking.

Being a member of the WI can also give you the opportunity to attend the various classes and events organised by the federation, at our WI Centre in Huntingdon.

This is an old Victorian school, which has been converted to give us efficient offices, a modern kitchen and two meeting rooms. Classes on a number of topics, including crafts and drama etc, are held here, plus the many regular lunches and dinners organised by the different Committees. 

We hold events such as our Health Day, with speakers on stroke awareness, salt and health, and our summer lunch, where we learnt about garden design for different lifestyles.

Every year we have spring and autumn walks, organised by WIs in their own area. Our spring and autumn quizzes are a regular feature on our calendar, held in the north and south of the Federation, and sport is not forgotten, with regular bowls days and golf classes and competitions.

In fact there is a lot more to the WI than many people realise. So to all those who are not already members I would like to invite you to give the WI a try.

Sally Dalley
Federation Chairman

Board of Trustees for 2014

Vice Chairmen:  Phyllis Brooks and Karen Prestage

Treasurer: Christine Bentley           Vice Treasurer: Josette Kermath

Board of Trustees Members

Pat Brookes, Phyllis Brooks Catering Officer and WI Advisor,Sally Dalley Denman Ambassador, Anna Bradley Dorman Promotions and Media Officer, Carol Gibbins Craft Co-ordinator, Meg Hewett Yearbook Editor and Website Officer, Josette Kermath WI Shop Co-ordinator, Carole Lovell Archivist and WI Advisor, Karen Prestage Health and Safety and Property Officer,May Reeve Market Society Representative, Carole Temple.